Do you know

Just how much it means to me

Having you as a friend?

You’ve become part of my life

I feel so comfortable with you

And the times we shared are delightful

And I know, no matter what,

I can always count on you.

True friendships are rare and wonderful.

I am so happy and grateful

To have a friend like you.

Whether together or miles apart,

We share a special bond

That keeps us close in thought

And in the heart…

Our friendship

I saw you there, one of my fellows during the time I was in elementary school. We spoke rarely, and so far I could remember, we never engaged in such a deep and serious communication. We greet each other whenever meet. But, we never became classmate, though.

The time went by… I realized that you also enrolled to the same junior high as me. We were in the same class during our first year. Still, it didn’t mean a lot. I understood that we might different in such anyway. Or, it was about the time, then. We both were seeking the best to understand ourselves as teenager, never realized that we were growing up, somehow, to the same standing points. The junior high school’ time didn’t mean that much to what we had to become now.

Another three years past, again, we enrolled to the same senior high school. In my point of view, we got closer because of some similarity we do have; the hatred toward rich persons who always underestimate others and counted every single thing on penny, the way our fellow turned into someone else that quite different comparing to junior high’s time, the administrator of our program (and how suck was he), the way teachers compared our class and the quality of its people… All, as the time went by, made both of us getting to know each other often.

So far I could remember, it was one day that I received your email, explaining about all pressures you got from the family, how you hate anytime you were on the position as “daughter or child” and turned out into the decision not to enroll to any universities. You just want to end it up, totally. No debate on it…

It was the time when I was away, thousands kilometer apart from you, and from every suffered you felt. I tried to empathy, saw the things from different point of view, and did hope that you could see the problem differently, and would make a decision that you never regret. I found the reply I sent to you from my old archives:

Note to File for Ainul Fajri

Then, it’s just about the time… Our friendship grows…  You reached my hand, to help when times are though. It’s one of life’s true WONDER for which  “thanks” is not enough. The new hope that you gave to me  for every single time I turned down into tears and sadness, the kindness you display whenever others and even world are so cruel to me, were the blessings that I’d hoped for and can never be repaid…

Thanks a million for being “YOU”

Never ever give up to be my shoulder to cry on, even though one day you wrote such this things, “Maaf yah hon, aku udah berusaha memperingatkanmu dari awal, tapi aku gagal meyakinkan kamu…  Really sorry for the ‘I’ve told you’ things happened” (Sent on January 16, 2009; 22: 03 WIB)

I love you,

Mirisa Hasfaria, S. IP