We are poor because we farmers do not own the lands we till; we get only a fourth or  a third, at most, a half of what we produce. Even if we have lands to till, we have to grapple with increasing production costs of chemicals and fertilizers because our government taught us to use these;

We have poor roads so we can’t bring our products to the central market and thus rely on middlepersons who buy our products at such a low price;

We are poor because when we harvest our product, everyone else is harvesting the same product and so prices drop. We do not know how to process our products. Even if we do, we do not have the capital to do this;

We are poor because some lowlanders have said that the lands which have been the land of our forefathers and ancestors are theirs and they have titles to prove these and so we are forced to give up these lands;

We are poor because commercial fishers have fished in the waters we used to fish, and with their better fishing nets and gears, are able to catch more fish than us;

We are poorer now that our governments have entered WTO because our countrymen and women are buying cheaper corn and soy from the US than our corn and soy;

We are poorer now because our governments continue to make policies which are not favorable to us or which do not respond to our concerns.