One day in my thoughts
I walk with you hand in hand
You said there are things that you just didn’t understand
How high is the sky… what makes it so blue…
And you said to me what does God look like to you?
And I said
He looks like a rainbow just after the rain
He is as golden as a ick dancing over the flame
He looks like a star when the nights crystal clear
He looks like a baby hen mother is near
His face is like the moonlight reflected on snow
His hair is like a garden where all flowers grow
His heavenly eyes are as calm as the sea
You see that’s what God really looks like to me
His heart is like a mountain so vast and so strong
That’s why all his children have room to belong
His smile is the morning you are awakened to see
And most of all friends like you
Are what God looks like to me

Papemelroti 9044 – 31